Pre-Prosthetic Surgery

If you wear dentures that do not fit properly, Dr. Smith and Dr. Stern can perform a surgical procedure called pre-prosthetic surgery to reshape your gums and jaw bones to provide a comfortable fit.

Among the many tooth replacement options available to patients today, partial and/or complete dentures are still a very popular choice. Dentures are prosthetic teeth that sit on top of the gums. However, the size and shape of the mouth may not allow for the snug and secure fit that dentures require to be comfortable.

The mouth can change in shape and size over time, especially with tooth loss. This can make dentures uncomfortable to wear. Ill-fitting dentures can create problems such as difficulty eating and speaking, pain, and infection. However, Dr. Smith and Dr. Stern at Greater Columbus Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Grove City and Powell, OH, can surgically prepare the mouth to receive dentures, ensuring a proper fit and improved oral health.

Please contact your dentist if your dentures are giving you any discomfort. If you are interested in pre-prosthetic surgery, we encourage you to contact our office.

If you have been referred to Greater Columbus Oral Surgery & Dental implants for pre-prosthetic surgery, you will first come to our office for a consultation. Dr. Smith and Dr. Stern will perform a complete oral evaluation and design a treatment plan that is right for you. If you are interested in other tooth replacement solutions, such as dental implants and full-arch restoration, Dr. Smith and Dr. Stern are happy to discuss your options with you during this appointment.

Your treatment plan for pre-prosthetic surgery will be unique to you. The type of surgery you have will depend on your facial anatomy, current condition, and goals for treatment. You may receive one or more of the following procedures as a part of your pre-prosthetic surgery treatment:

  • Bone ridge reduction
  • Bone smoothing and reshaping
  • Removal of excess bone and/or soft tissue

For most patients, pre-prosthetic surgery is considered an outpatient procedure. Your customized procedure will be discussed during your first visit with Dr. Smith or Dr. Stern.

If you are experiencing an uncomfortable fit from your dentures, pre-prosthetic surgery may be right for you. We invite you to call Greater Columbus Oral Surgery & Dental Implants in Grove City and Powell, OH, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Smith or Dr. Stern. They can help you get the most out of your dentures and improve your oral health.