3D Imaging

Cone Beam CT Scan


Accurate imaging of your teeth and jaws are necessary to ensure an accurate and optimal result. Greater Columbus Oral Surgery & Dental Implants uses 3D scanning technology to assist in treatment planning while reducing the risk for unforeseen complications during the surgical procedure.

Your anatomy and condition are unique to you. 3D scanning provides high-resolution images from every angle to optimize your treatment plan. For most patients, 3D scans take place during your first visit.


Your facial structure is truly one-of-a-kind. With the aid of 3D scanning technology, your oral surgeon can create a treatment plan that is best for you. Since 3D scanning gives your oral surgeon information more thorough information than traditional X-rays, it is extremely useful for many oral surgery procedures, such as dental implant placement.

Other benefits of 3D scanning:

  • More information than traditional X-rays, with less radiation exposure
  • High-resolution images can be taken from multiple angles
  • More accurate treatment planning means less risk of complications during surgical procedure
  • Images can be digitally and easily shared with your dentist

3D Scans

Greater Columbus Oral Surgery & Dental Implants focuses on providing their patients with outstanding care. Using the latest technology, 3D scans ensure the most accurate treatment plan and increase your chance of an optimal oral surgery result. Learn more about 3D scanning and other services we offer at our Grove City and Powell, OH, practice by giving us a call.